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Released a few days ago on the Brooklyn label Sacred Bones Records, Amen’s new album “Freedom” pushes the boundaries of folk music and introduces us a cast of characters, each one reflecting the whole prism of his personality as well as the story of our beloved artist, Damon McMahon.

The label Sacred Bones Records is this independent Brooklyn label with a nebulous logo and a visual easy to recognize. Folk-experimental gems provider during more than 10 years, the label has lately collaborated with dreamy music artists that seems to be out of our world. Like the album covers by the way… Let’s talk about Hilary Woods’ minimalism, Vive la Void or Sanae Yamada’s solo project (Moon Duo), The Men’s experimental improvisations, Zola Jesus’ excellent “Okovi” and Exploded View’s EP “Summer Came Early”.

We can also remember that Sacred Bones Records has made a big step in the cinema since they’re promoting movie directors Jim Jarmusch (duo with Jozef van Wissem or with the band SQÜRL) and David Lynch (collaboration with Marek Zebrowski) musical projects.

It is not only due to a coincidence if Amen Dunes multiplies tributes to Buckley’s repertoire. Although Damon McMahon’ voice is less deep than Tim’s one and less fragile than Jeff’s, they are indeed swimming in the same waters. The musical textures in his discography are rich at the point to raise each album to the rank of musical jewel. “Freedom” is not skiping this law and even go further beyond with a dazzling maturity and a so rare sincerity. The album dives into the doubts and complexity of a man questioning his being but also his place in society through various characters descriptions.
The artist and the man are melting, Amen is Damon but Damon is not Amen …

FAV-TRACK: “Miki Dora”

Listen “Freedom” on bandcamp and support Amen Dunes.


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