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It’s rare but constant. Once every two, three weeks aproximatively, it happens that you find one. Right away, you understand why. Why you spend all these hours and days digging to find this kind of gem.  You’re finally ready to face your “big brother” neighbours look. That same people who thinks you dont do shit of your days. You don’t even pay attention and with a large smile on lips you enjoy this victory and let your ears drinking this sweet cocktail.

Because, in the middle of this uninterrupted flow of new musical releases diffused via the web -on which you are amazed in the morning and you forget by the evening- some release persist and remain much more than average. “Dreamhouse” is definitely one of them.

Then it becomes impossible to extricate himself from Chris Cheveyo’s -almost- banal songs. Our young fella from Seattle brings us beautiful texts revealing a bit of his intimacy, exquisite vocal arrangements ; poisonous melodies ; a smooth voice ; a synthe-dreamer, a guitar… Everything is clean, limpid. Mecanically, you think about “Ducktails” and “Beach House” but you realize finally that “Dreamhouse” is unique and Chris Cheveyo holds an ordinary fragility, a groovy nonchalance. He represents this kind of guy that seduced everyone in your school with his talent and his charming innocence. It seems so hard to explain how and why tracks like “Hard Time for Good Days”, “A Letter”, “Only friends” or “The Ride” are that hypnotizing. Grace probably…. And now more than ever before, in those times of cynism, delicately welcoming such a kindness results to be a brave and a salutary act.

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