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The clocks has delivered their verdict: 2017 is definitely over. While the world didn’t get any better, the musical creation has been showing its originality and displaying enough talent to make everyday life way more pleasant and full of good vibes.  Consumed with nostalgia, Dusty Clocks wanted to share with you the albums that have been stuck in our mind these past twelve months. Let’s look back!

RETROSPECTIVE 2017 : Chapter I (January-June)

JULY : “Americana” by The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, on Picture in My Ears.

When two members of the Brian Jonestown Massacre complete the talented line-up of the Davidians, it gives a whole new dimension to the ambitious artistic project so accurately named “Amerikana”. While the lyrics talk about how the human spirit tends to be manipulated by sects, religions or occult societies, the music, in turn, plays on two scenes, alternating between a classic and very Californian psychedelism and another one much more vicious and hypnotic. Already a reference of its kind.
Fav-track: “Holy Life”, “Love is a Big Light”, “Binary Pop”? Hard choice…
Alt-options: “The Babe Rainbow” by The Babe Rainbow on Flightless Records. Way more than just an alternative…

AUGUST: “Sketches of Brunswick East” by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard (with Mild High Club), on Flightless Records.
With the Babe Rainbow album and the KG & LW one, we can say it was a busy summer for the Melbourne based label Flightless Records. Result of an exciting and unlike collaboration with the Californians of Mild High Club, this project proves that an album can be a total mess, a libertarian anthem, while being uplifting and clean. The influences clash and references follow one another revealing an obvious artistic chemistery between the two bands. From ethio-jazz to bossa-nova, “Sketches of Brunswick East” is full of surprises … and promises.
Fav-track: “Tezeta” or “Sketches off Brunswick II”.
Alt-option: “A Deeper Understanding” by The War on Drugs, on Atlantic Records.

SEPTEMBER: “Luciferian Tower” by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, on Constellation Records.
Time stops with each album of GY!BE, the genius of Menuck, Moya & co explodes at the face of the world and marks a break with the past. “Luciferian Tower” does not escape this rule: there will be one more time, a before, and an after. Therefore the global work of GY! BE is a perpetual revolution, an uncompromising artistic commitment to the service of an anarchist ideology and shielded by social requests. “Luciferian Tower” does not announce the end of the world but rather the apocalypse of capitalism.
Fav-Track: “Anthem for No State (pt I, II, III)”
Alt-option: “Okovi” by Zola Jesus, on Sacred Bones Records or “Holiday Ghosts” by Holiday Ghosts on PNKSLM Recordings.

OCTOBER: “Alien Sunset” by Cut Worms, on Jagjaguwar.
Nostalgia … Here is the first impression left by listening to this gem. Lover of the sixties, Max Clarke was able to transcribe the carelessness and the innocence of this period with a unique sensitivity. We can also find this visceral nostalgia in lyrics, a sublime poetry, relating a new beginning. As our retrospective does, Max looks back, contemplates the past and makes us witnesses of this scene. Farewell Chicago … Hello New York!
Fav-track: “Song of the Highest Tower”.
Alt-option: “Inner City Dream” by Wesley Fuller, on 1965 Records.

NOVEMBER: “Is Everything Okay in your World” by Yellow days, on Good Years.
An album written in a garden of Haslemere -a small town located between London and Portsmouth- by a 17 year old teenager. No, it’s not a joke. Neither a surprise because we have known for a long time that genius can arise from any place, at any time, and can take unexpected forms. The title of the album asks a deep question to each one of us. Our multi-instrumentalist offers us an introspective and very personal album in which he develops an exceeded, smothered, unsatisfied character. Sharing his depression to fight it better: therapy or pure romanticism? Welcome in the world of Yellow Days.
Fav-track: “Easy” ou “I’ve Been Thinking Too Hard”.
Alt-option: “Charlemont Reef” by Sagamore, on Dusty Tracks.

DECEMBRE: “Untitled 91′” by Hector Gachan, on Nice Guys.

A Bosnian born in Sarajevo, living in Australia and claiming the influence of the Canadian Mac Demarco, do not look for the mistake, there is none! Born in 91, little Hector is a child of globalization, a kaleidoscope of the new world. “Untitled 91” swings between psychedelic pop, funk and retro groove. Arrangements, voice…indeed Mac is not far: the album releases a disconcerting coolness. It’s simple but incredibly efficient. Our friends from the label Nice Guys (Délicieuse Musique) have definitely found the perfect gem to conclude 2017.
Fav-track: “Really Something

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