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The clocks has delivered their verdict: 2017 is definitely over. While the world didn’t get any better, the musical creation has been showing its originality and displaying enough talent to make everyday life way more pleasant and full of good vibes.  Consumed with nostalgia, Dusty Clocks wanted to share with you the albums that have been stuck in our mind these past twelve months. Let’s look back!

JANUARY : “Hang” by Foxygen, on Jagjaguwar.
Obviously 2017 started with some of the most blow-minded 2016 albums still in our mind: Whitney’s “Light upon the Lake”, Pinegrove’s “Cardinal”, DIIV’s “Is the is are” or Pavo Pavo’s “Young Narrator in the Breakers”. Afterwards it was hard to hope for better days. Thankfully, Foxygen passed by, listened to our doubts and swept them away with a seducing and baroque glam-pop. “Hang” album is still along the same lines as the previous ones: naive, excentric but uplifting.
Fav-track: “Obsolete Absolute”.
Alt-option: …Whitney?

FEBRUARY: “In Between” by The Feelies, on Bar/None Records.
41 years… That’s the time between the creation of the band and the release of their last album in 2017 “In Between”. Meanwhile? They freaked out their native New-Jersey until mid-90’s, went through a 15 years’ dry period, and managed a majestic come back in the beginning of 2010. In tribute to their story and beyond an obvious musical quality, The Feelies deserved to be listened with passion, from the mythical “Crazy Rythms” to the latest “In Between”.
Fav-track: “In Between” or “Gone, gone, gone”
Alt-option: “When the morning greets you with a smile” by Mr Elevator & The Brain Hotel, on Rad Cat Records.

MARS : “In Mind” by Real Estate, on Domino Records.
After three outstanding albums (chronologically “Real Estate”, “Days” & “Atlas”), Alex Bleeker, Martin Courtney and co reached their artistic prime with “In Mind”. Even if we definitely saw it coming, this album is a beautiful discovery and the band delivers us a dreamy, bewitching, timeless and universal jangle-pop we’ll never forget. More than a masterpiece, we’re talking about an obsession and listening to it is highly recommended.
Fav-track: “Two Arrows” or “Darling”
Alt-options: “Too Sorry for Any Sorrow” by Moutain Bike, on Humpty Dumpty Records or “Digging a tunnel” by Sir Was, on City Slang.

AVRIL : “Sorcerer” by Tonstartssbandht, on Mexican Summer.
Only three tracks and thirty minutes to remember the way to write Tonstartssbandht by heart, the White brothers weren’t afraid of this challenge and passed it with succes. With a woozy but attractive album cover and an insightful title, “Sorcerer” might be the reason why we stop hunting witches. Now we yearn for them!
Fav-track: “Breathe” or the third of the album.
Alt-options: “The Order of Time” by Valerie June, on Concord Records.

Mai : “Agua Ardiente” by Los Espiritus, on Alto Valle.
South-american indie-rock princes are back with their third album “Agua Ardiente”. What do we have here? Some groovy riff guitars and distorsions, some hypnotical percussions, some blues, some funk…to summarize, all the ingredients this band is made of since the creation in 2010. Though, where “Agua Ardiente” is different from the past albums and reveals an artistic evolution, it’s in their thoughtful lyrics dealing with existential, societal and cultural questions. Both content and style are gathered for our own pleasure.
Fav-track: “Jugo” or “Luna llena”.
Back to our good old friends, “This Old Dog” by Mac Demarco (Captured Tracks) or “The Weather” by Pond (Marathon Artists).

Juin: “Underside of Power” by Algiers, on Matador Records.
Hailed as Gil-Scott Heron’s disciple and Malcolm X hidden son, Franklin James Fisher is the voice of a socialist America, fighting against racism, authoritarism and inequalities. The picture is black, the lyrics are brutal and the music is epic : Here is the slap in your face you’ve been expecting.
Fav-Track: “Cleveland” or “Walk like a Panther”.
Alt-option: “City Music” by Kevin Morby (Dead Oceans).

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