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Chill, indie, mesmerizing and psychedelicious, “Road Trip” second opus walks on the tracks of artists whether they be worthy successors of cultural dynasties (Holiday Ghosts, Feu!Chatterton…), unique explorers of new worlds (Yellow Days, The Medics…), or storyteller of contemporary chronicles (Whitney, Hater…)

Photo Crédits: Diego R. , https://www.instagram.com/diegoslens/

Dear agonising waits, heavy luggages or boarding passes that cannot be found. Dear acids or mushrooms. Dear Google Earth. Far from the boring first class or the uncomfortable economic one, Dusty Clocks takes us on journeys through the United States, Sweden, England, France and Australia.

A look on the roadmap:
1- “Quiet Carriage” by Holiday Ghosts (Falmouth-UK). From “Holiday Ghosts” on PNKSLM Recordings
   Holiday Ghosts dust of daddy’s rock’n’roll with a frenetic pace and an addictive chorus.
“No Woman” by Whitney (Chicago-USA). From “Light Upon the Lake” on Secretly Canadian
Led by an impressive sensitivity, this folk balade tells us the wanderings of a strong-feelings fugitive.
3- “Cry Later” by Hater (Malmö-SWE). From “You Tried” on PNKSLM Recordings
   It’s impossible to miss Caroline Landahl earthly voice and this explosive fusion of cymbals and guitars.
4- “That Easy” by Yellow Days (Haslemere-UK). From “Is Everything Okay in your World?” on Good Years Music
   As a masterpiece of melancholy, this blues is deep, out of time, far from fashion, in short, already unforgettable.
5- “Benjamin” by Miss Chief (Riverside California-USA). From “Miss Chief” on Future Force Records
   Melissa Loera’s voice sublimes a jubilant track, a straight out from the forties pop made of crazy basses and a fast-paced rythm.
6- “Côte Concorde” by Feu ! Chatterton (Paris-FRA). From “Ici le Jour (a tout enseveli)” on Barclay
   The Parisian dandies offer us the story of shipwrecks, a cruise one and metaphorically the capitalism one. A powerful poem resonating like a contemporary drama.
7- “Exit 353” by Damien Jurado (Seattle-USA). From “Visions of Us on the Land” on Secretly Canadian
   A new chapter of Damien’s sacred tales, telling a story about a man who abandoned the society in order to find answers about himself and universal truths.
8- “Love at 3rd Eye” by Family of Light Band (Riverside California-USA). From “Problem with Myself” on All Welcome Records
   Experimental guitars and latin percussions bring us in a psychedelic vortex where the light comes out.
9- “Spray Paint or Praise” by The Chemist (Perth-AUS). From “Ballet in the Badlands” on Create/Control
   Sensual and grimy, handling organs and guitars, this bluesy gem throw us at the heart of a spaghetti Western.
10- “Beggars” by The Medics (Cairns-AUS). From”Foundations” on Footstomp Records
   Haunted by the inimitable Kahl Wallace voice and some floating guitar riffs, this track burns us as a match.

As witness of our time, Dusty Clocks follows and records the traces that the musical landscape leaves behind.
NEXT WEEK: Road Trip #3 in Mexico and Byron Bay

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