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Chill, indie, mesmerizing and psychedelicious, “Road Trip” third opus walks on the tracks of artists whether they be worthy successors of cultural dynasties (Nick Waterhouse, The Buttertones…), unique explorers of new worlds (Sir Was, Loborama…), or storyteller of contemporary chronicles (The Babe Rainbow, Pavo Pavo…).

Dear agonising waits, heavy luggages or boarding passes that cannot be found. Dear acids or mushrooms. Dear Google Earth. Far from the boring first class or the uncomfortable economic one, Dusty Clocks takes us on journeys through the United States, Sweden, Mexico and Australia.

Our traditional roadmap:
1- “Johnny Says Stay Cool” by The Babe Rainbow (Byron Bay-AUS). From  “The Babe Rainbow” on Flightless Records.
   More refreshing than a beer on the beach, more stimulating than a cup of coffee, more relaxing than a yoga class, Johnny tells you to stay cool and so you do. “Breathe in, breathe out” …
PS: The video-clip of this piece is a pure hallucination, almost a myth.
2- “Female Trouble” by Those Darlins (Nashville-USA). From “Female Trouble EP” on Oh Wow Dang.
Nashville has always been a city of music, and we’re not just talking about an exclusive hillbilly den. Those Darlins change prejudices without denying their roots, and revive the fire of indie rock in Tennessee with beautiful harmonies.
3- “Golden Age” by Chris Staples (Pensacola, Florida-USA). From “Golden Age” on Barsuk Records.
   This track stands out as a scathing response to Trump’s America, built on inaccurate and manipulated memories. Doubtful of the existence of a golden age, Chris shares his nostalgia full of skepticism with a uplifting melody and his pleasant voice.
4- “Wakatu Katchii Tune” by Loborama (Guadalajara-MX). From “Loborama Homonimo” on Favela Records.
   “Wakatu”: onomatopoeia describing the guitar sound on the theme of the movie “The Warriors”. “Katchii Tune” (catchy tune): contagious music. Browsing the delirious dictionary of Loborama makes you discover a funky and exotic musical world, shaped by addictive rhythms full of good vibes.
PS: In the line-up of “Las Noches Vagabundas” organized by Dusty Clocks.
5- “Falcon” by Sir Was (Göteborg-SWD). From “Digging a tunnel” on City Slang.
  Built around birds songs, an irresistible groove and an organ, Sir Was makes us dive into his loneliness and trip-hop lamentations. A new reference….
6- “La Distincion” by Lorelle Meets the Obsolete (Guadalajara-MX). From “Balance” on Captcha Records & Sonic Cathedral.
   Signed by American and European labels, LMB is today a real locomotive for the Guadalajara rock bands. “The Distincion” is representative of an album “noise”, punctuated by a dreamlike psychedelism and explosions of guitars.
7- “Wiserway” by Pavo Pavo (Brooklyn-USA). From “Young Narrator in the Breakers” on Bella Union.
   Bella Union label (Father John Misty, Beach House …) newcomers Pavo Pavo, in reference to the constellation of the peacock, offers an uplifting and melancholic pop that is reminiscent of The Ducktails. Perfect for your tea with biscuits…
8- “A Tear for Rosie” by The Buttertones (Los Angeles-USA). From “Gravedigging” on Innovative Leisure Records.
   While the album is drawing Ennio Morricone on a surfboard, the song “A Tear for Rosie” brings us from the beach to the garage.
9- “I had some money (but I spent it)” by Nick Waterhouse (Los Angeles-USA). From “Think Twice” on Innovative Leisure Records.
   Still comfortably seated in the California based label Innovative Leisure, Nick shares his passions: jazz, blues and soul… It’s vintage and jubilant.
10- “Gone, Gone, Gone” by The Feelies (New Jersey-USA). From “In Between” on Bar/None  Records.
   Time is running without affecting the musical quality of one of the most influential bands in American indie rock. The jangle-pop of this song is a delicious venom, exacerbated by insane riffs of guitars.

As witness of our time, Dusty Clocks follows and records the traces that the musical landscape leaves behind.
NEXT WEEK: Road Trip #4 in…

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