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Chill, indie, mesmerizing and psychedelicious, “Road Trip” third opus walks on the tracks of artists whether they be worthy successors of cultural dynasties (Casablanca Drivers, Exploded View), unique explorers of new worlds (Khruangbin, Amen Dunes), or storyteller of contemporary chronicles (Boss, Summer Salt…).

Dear agonising waits, heavy luggages or boarding passes that cannot be found. Dear acids or mushrooms. Dear Google Earth. Far from the boring first class or the uncomfortable economic one, Dusty Clocks takes us on journeys in Austin, Melbourne, Corse or Thailand.

Our traditional roadmap:
1- “Maria Tambien” par Khruangbin (Austin, Texas-USA). Extrait de “Con Todo El Mundo” sur le label Night Time Stories Ltd.
    Their second album brings us once again to new lands and therefore new influences. But don’t get me wrong! Despite titles in Spanish, “Maria Tambien” is a pure condensed of Thai funk and Persian sounds. Sublime.
2- “La Ola” par Casablanca Drivers (Ajaccio-Paris, France). Extrait de “Donde Estoy?” sur le label Sons of Beaches Records.
    While their last album “Menu Best-Of” has just been released and our five friends have just completed a North American tour, we take the time to come back to a representative piece of their music surf and psyche. Under the sun of Corsica …
3- “Candy Wrappers” par Summer Salt (Austin, Texas-USA). Extrait de “So Polite” sur le label Austin Town Hall.
    Still under the sun, probably by the side of a pool with a white russian and a Hawaiian shirt, we enjoy Summer Salt surf rock.
4– “Summer Came Early” par Exploded View (Mexico City-MX). Extrait de “Summer Came Early EP” sur le label Sacred Bones Records.
    Gems provider of all kinds, the Bloomington (USA) label Sacred Bones introduces us the captivating voice of Annika Henderson who, like our “Road Trip”, makes you dream of summertime…
5- “Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss” par Brodie Allibone (Edimbourg-UK). Extrait de “Kinky in Winter (and Superb!)”. Auto-production.
    A cover? No, a destruction. Newcomer on the alternative scene in Edinburgh, Brodie and his friends from the Shark Tale Theme Birthday Party revisit Bloodhound Gang and their title that had badly aged.
6- “Someone to Walk Around With” par Wesley Fuller (Melbourne-AUS). Extrait de “Inner City Dream” sur le label 1965 Records.
  With an evocative title and chorus sticking to your skin, Wesley dusts off glam-pop music and drives, windows down, through the streets of Melbourne.
7- “Pippa’s in the Highlands” par Love Migrate (Melbourne-AUS). Extrait de “Shimmer through the Night” sur le label Flightless.
  After Melbourne by day, we discover the night city with Love Migrate. The keyboard twirls, the drums resound and the lyrics remind us that it’s still possible to sing broken hearts without falling into cliché.
8- “Pearl of the Sky” par Sagamore (Melbourne-AUS). Extrait de “Charlemont Reef” sur le label Dusty Tracks.
  Because never two without three, we end up our visit of Melbourne with a group of romantics, exploring the prism of indie-rock with this nostalgia that characterizes them. “Pearl of the Sky” let us a big smile on our faces…
9- “Miki Dora” par Amen Dunes (New-York-US). Extrait de “Freedom” sur le label Sacred Bones Records.
   He is back! The Sacred Bones locomotive pays tribute to Miklos Dora, an anti-hero of contemporary America. Between regrets and redemption, “Miki Dora” is one of the two announcing titles of the album coming in March. We can’t wait for it…
10- “Keep on Riddim” par Boss (Londres-UK). Extrait de “Keep on Riddim”. Auto-production.

As witness of our time, Dusty Clocks follows and records the traces that the musical landscape leaves behind.
NEXT WEEK: Road Trip #5 in…

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