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Chill, indie, mesmerizing and psychedelicious, “Road Trip” first opus walks on the tracks of artists whether they be worthy successors of cultural dynasties (The Pesos, FIDLAR…), unique explorers of new worlds (Tonstartssbandht…) , or storyteller of contemporary chronicles (Cut Worms, Hector Gachan…)

Photo Crédits: Diego R. , https://www.instagram.com/diegoslens/


Dear agonising waits, heavy luggages or boarding passes that cannot be found. Dear acids or mushrooms. Dear Google Earth. Far from the boring first class or the uncomfortable economic one, Dusty Clocks takes us on journeys through the american continent, Europe and Australia, from Atlantic ocean to Pacific.
This first Road Trip is a great opportunity to meet the bustling scene of Guadalajara (Mexico) led by Francisco y Madero psychedelism, Birdhaus dark waltz and Norwayy tangy dream-pop. We keep on moving up to north, more precisely in Los Angeles, to realise that californian rock, as a good wine, gets better with time. The Pesos extends The Growlers’ legacy meanwhile FIDLAR has to deal with his punk influences. Halloween time obliges us to cross the continent in order to be charmed by Tonstarssbandht sorcerers and Cut Worms melodies. By the way we look forward to his debut album. Between London and New-York, there is just one step we don’t hesitate to make for two essential reasons: L.A Salami electrical dandysm , and The Clientele british class. At last but not least we end up our trip in Sydney, within Bosniac community where Hector Gachan is from. He just got signed by our friends from Bordeaux (France), “Nice Guys” label, for the pleasure of our captured ears…
As witness of our time, Dusty Clocks follows and records the traces that the musical landscape leaves behind.
NEXT WEEK: Road Trip #2 in Sweden and London

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